[title text=”Architectural Design and Development Quality Assurance” type=”old” size=”h3″ align=”left” uppercase=”no” bold=”no”]

Our quality management system complies with all applicable requirements meeting with local and international standards.

The goal of our quality management system is to address the principles and procedures surrounding the design development and delivery of architectural services to our clients.

[title text=”Your satisfaction is our goal” type=”old” size=”h3″ align=”left” uppercase=”no” bold=”no”]

We measure client satisfaction through effective application of quality management system, including process for continual improvement and prevention of non-conformances.

Our goal is to be able to uphold the delivery of a high quality service. In order to do so, we aim to continue the practice on a secure financial stability and strict standards on human resources while hiring technical staff and to maximize staff retention so that our clients, both current and potential can benefit from continuity of services, knowledge and experience of their projects.


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