[title text=”Single Source Project Management (SSPM)” type=”old” size=”h3″ align=”left” uppercase=”no” bold=”no”]

We offer Property and Real Estate Development services for investors and  investment groups from Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. We work with individuals to large groups of investors, interested in real estate and land development for the purpose of selling or renting it to end users.

Investors from any race of life, having any investments budgets, no matter from a small house unit to large investments in housings, commercial buildings, education and public projects have been profited through this business module.


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This includes, purchasing of land on behalf of our investors through our Real Estate Service,  Architectural Planning and Designing on the same land through our Architecture services (Arcon) and then Construction through our Construction Company (Procon Construction), afterwards selling the project again through our real estate services, we provide all the services under one roof, we call it Single Source Project Management (SSPM)

[title text=”Why it is Convenient to Property and Real Estate Investors ?” type=”old” size=”h3″ align=”left” uppercase=”no” bold=”no”]

Our investors and business partners are always sure to have peace of mind with complete and reliable project management, secure investment and then their best return of investment.

[title text=”Why We are so Confident ?” type=”old” size=”h3″ align=”left” uppercase=”no” bold=”no”]

We have a core staff of Architectural project specialists, a strong nucleus of construction supervision and management as well as a pool of proven and qualified real estate experts.

[title text=”Quality is Our Recipe” type=”old” size=”h3″ align=”left” uppercase=”no” bold=”no”]

We at Arcon Associates understand the significance of quality management and make that our priority on all our projects. With quality management as a key focus at Arcon Associates we have constantly established through our history, experience and continued growth to be industry premier.

We strive to comprehend every investor’s specific requirements and practice our flexibility, diversity, quality, safety and pride to offer solutions through our field experience and that of our management.

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