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Why You Should Build With Steel

Why You Should Build With Steel 10 Reasons Why You Should Build With Steel Ever since the first skyscraper ‘home insurance building in Chicago’ was built, popularity of steel as a structurally strong material increased manifolds across the AEC industry. While earlier cast iron, concrete etc was used in buildings, the new age buildings started […]

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Understanding Energy Modeling and Building Simulation

Energy Modeling and Building Simulation Architecture Virtual Representation Energy Modeling is the virtual representation of a building’s energy consumption, its utility bills, the life cycle costs, and use of items related to and including but not limited to – air-conditioning, heating, water heating and ventilation, etc. The energy simulation techniques are also used to evaluate, […]

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Sustainability in the Built Environment

Sustainable Architecture – Building Issues Are we doing enough? A Debate A Discussion This topic has become controversial and the phrase ‘sustainable’ and linked phrases, problematic. Initially sustainable architecture seemed to have a groundswell of support as the awareness and discussion of climate change gathered pace. But soon many mainstream suppliers, architects, contractors, etc. were […]

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